Parmjit Dhanda has been Labour MP for Gloucester since 2001. He has been a government whip, an education minister and a minister in the Department for Communtities and Local Government. He lives in Matson, Gloucester with his wife and his son Zac.


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  1. Natalie Armitage

    I read about Parmjit on the BBC website about him running for Speaker. I was instantly inspired and relieved to hear such a truthful, peaceful and strong voice.

    I think that it is such shame that the voting system that is being used for this election means that the public can’t have a say as yet. If they were able to- I am fairly certain that Parmjit would be elected without much competition. He is absolutely correct about his assumptions about what the public need and want in my opinion. I spend my life with all sections, cultures and types of ‘the British people’- combined with my education in Politics I could not agree any further with what Parmjit has depicted and fully support his solution.

    Is there any way I can help or anything that I can do to support Parmjit as a member of Parliament in general? I support the Labour party regardless- but Parmjit represents the essence of why I do.

  2. James Mulrennan

    Hi Parmjit,

    I wondered if you might be interested in a landmark education documentary that is premiering tonight. I can send you further details but you can watch the trailer here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUODHGy60no

  3. Dear Mr Dhanda,

    I recently contacted you regarding my concerns about the withdrawal of child benefit and the unjust way in which this was being carried out. I forwarded you the response I received from Mr Graham, Gloucester’s present MP, (I also forwarded this message to Mr Hilton our liberal council representative) You were the only one kind enough to contact me personally to discuss my concerns.
    I have received several email responses, unsatisfactory and on the whole unhelpful from both Mr Graham and Mr Hilton. Emails from both intensified yesterday. I wonder if this could have had anything to do with the publicity this issue was going to have in the news that evening.
    This morning I have been chastised by Mr Graham for sharing what he said was, a private email, with others. Apparently my correspondence is on a Labour website, yet I have not personally found it. I do have to say I did make it clear I would be asking for a reply at least from Mr Hilton, whose Party Mr Graham seemed to think had some input into the decision making. It seems a little naive of Mr Graham to think I would not contact everyone I could to ask for a view on such a life changing proposal. Anyway chastised I am.
    If in any way my correspondence has highlighted the unjust way this is being enforced then I am happy to be responsible for rattling a few cages.
    Mr Graham did express his sorrow that you were not recently elected for the suburb of Feltham and Heston. I’m not sure this was as heartfelt as it sounds. He expressed his concern about your commitment to Gloucester, as you are apparently your selling you house. I have all this private information about you and all I asked was: Is it fair potentially under the proposed system, one family could earn £42,476 and loose child benefit however, another family could earn £84,950 and be eligible for child benefit? That’s £42474 pounds difference!
    I am not sure whether this would come under the European Convention of Human Rights Act but would be interested to find out. £42474 difference cannot be overlooked or deemed as fair; even a 10 year old could work that one out.
    I would be interested in finding out where on the website my email has ended up, so if you could email me back I would be grateful.
    If you are able to recommend to me an active representative from the Labour party who could put my views over in parliament I would be interested in continuing the discussion further. Or you could forward my correspondence to them. Mr Graham has kindly reminded me you are not presently an active representative. I think posting my views however, was reasonably active.
    I really need to understand how a Government can propose such a change yet, the real criminals, like the entrepreneur farmers on last night’s Panorama, can legally rob the honest tax payer. I did put in my last correspondence with Mr Graham it would be interesting to know how many MP’s, be they Labour, Liberal or Conservative, have these farm land holdings they are then doing nothing with. Apart from claiming the cash, that is. I doubt I will get a reply.
    The bankers are above reproach. Pay them bonuses on profit. Does this not make sense? The Government say they would lose all the lead bankers……GOODBYE, would be my response. There is always someone who can do your job and do it a lot better, especially if bonuses are paid on profit and not just given. Why would they honestly care about the economy if they know they are going to get their bonus anyway?
    The Government could even, shock horror; ask some of these big none taxpaying companies, to pay their tax, even dare I suggest some MP’s themselves.
    As you can see my email correspondence with your former opposition members has really pushed a few buttons, I do apologise for a very lengthy email. It is heartfelt.
    I feel I have enough personal information about you that I may say good luck with the move and the job hunting.
    Sarah Leat

  4. Sarah Leat

    Dear Mr Dhanda,

    I meant the above to be a private email like my last one, but it seems to be posted on your site. Sorry if I have personal information on there you did not want in the public domain.
    Sarah Leat

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